Math Classes Move Fast. LearnBop Can Help.

Many students fall behind simply because they never learned certain skills in earlier classes.  This problem can compound as math classes move quickly on to new topics, until students are so far behind that they feel hopeless.

But LearnBop can help!

Just like a house in built on a stable foundation. math classes build knowledge on concepts covered in prior classes.  LearnBop's automated tutoring system identifies all the gaps in a student's prior knowledge, providing practice problems and recommended resources to help students master those prior concepts and get back on track with their learning.  

LearnBop helps students gain confidence in math, so they can move forward with their learning.

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 From Good to Great.

LearnBop can help students who have fallen behind catch up, and those who are doing well do GREAT!  LearnBop acts like an attentive coach, giving students the tools they need to progress beyond their current knowledge levels, and grow into self-directed learners.

The One-On-One Experience

Studies show that when students get one-on-one attention they do twice as well.  

LearnBop's automated tutoring system simulates the one-on-one experience, providing a step-by-step process to help students become self-directed learners by providing hints, suggestions, and a full scaffolding of engaging visuals for all the component concepts and skills needed to solve each problem.  

Each bop, or math challenge, in LearnBop's automated tutoring system was carefully crafted by our team of award winning educators, four of whom have won Presidential Awards for Excellence in Teaching, and one of whom is a former member of the NCTM Board of Directors.

Want to see some cool ways math is used in the world?  Check out our Math Behind the Scenes series, where we explore the amazing ways that math is used in the world every single day!  

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What is included in a free trial of LearnBop?

The LearnBop Plan:

  • Practice problems with a guided step-by-step process, to simulate the one-on-one experience.

  • In-depth diagnostic reports that reveal all of a student's knowledge gaps.

  • Further recommended resources and further practice problems, to tackle and master those knowledge gaps.

  • Live online support when students run into trouble. 
At LearnBop our goal is to help every single student excel in math, including both students who don't feel confident in their math abilities, and those who want to go from good to GREAT.


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